Bootlegger's Hill Vineyard

A former apple orchard, the vineyard sits at 750 ft. elevation above the fogline between the towns of Sebastopol and Occidental surrounded by redwood and fir forests at the site of a prohibition era moonshine operation.

The Goldridge soil profile at Bootlegger's is a sandy loam and sandstone which is known for excellent drainage and less fertility. The soil holds just enough water for the plants to take what they need without over-stressing the vines.

Due to the cooler climate at Bootlegger’s, the wines tend to be elegant and rich. Six different clones planted here make it unique. 115, 667, Pommard, 37, Calera and Elite all offer up something a little different to each other and yet still have distinctive Bootlegger’s characteristics.

Gorthy Challa Vineyards

This is our twenty-four acre estate vineyard in Sebastopol prepped and set to be planted in spring of 2024

It has Goldridge soils along with a mix of Blucher sandy loam. The Blucher creek runs through this property making it very exceptional and of historic value.

The microclimate which brings in a fog blanket every morning makes it ideal for Pinot Noir.